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Do you ever feel defeated by life and want to know how to change the game?

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END NEGATIVE-SELF-TALKSo you can STOP feeling like the words in your head”

You used to be able to manage how you feel, but lately your emotions are all over the place.

The discomfort and pain in your body keeps you from doing things you enjoy and lately you’ve also been having trouble sleeping. You’ve been waking up in the morning absolutely exhausted…what gives?

On top of all of this, sometimes you feel elated and other times it’s hard to get out of bed because you feel so weighed down.

You don’t feel like the woman you used to be and your body doesn’t look the way you want it to look.

And when you’re not happy with how you look it inevitably impacts your romantic relationship and what you’re willing to pursue – such as a job promotion or a desired personal activity.

You know something has to change, but you don’t know what to do. You’ve even thought about going on an anti-depressant, but you’re worried about the side-effects.

What happened to that vibrant woman? The one with lots of energy who never worried about pain and who slept like a baby…Now your morning cup of coffee has turned into several cups with a soda for lunch plus candy throughout the afternoon.

You likely have an imbalance in your vitamins, minerals, hormones or brain neurotransmitters – all of which are fairly easy to balance when you know how to do it.

And the great news is that your energy levels will soar when you do!

I know it’s overwhelming. I know it’s frustrating. And I know you feel like you don’t know where to turn.

My job is to serve, teach and empower those who have been guided to me.

I will teach you how to manage your bodily functions in a way that will spark a feeling of excitement and empowerment.

No more confusion.

No more scrolling through Facebook or Google trying to learn what other people have done that has helped.

Imagine feeling confident and empowered to make better decisions about your health…

Imagine feeling amazing in your skin once again and living in a body you love…

Imagine having balanced emotions and waking up rested and full of energy…

I believe every woman is a wonder woman. Put on your cape and let me show you how to bring your health back to life!

Are you ready to bring your health back to life?

Hi, I’m Nicole Dennison, a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach holding certifications from the ICA accredited Health Coach Institute, and a Strategic Interventionist Life Coaching Certification from Tony Robbin’s RMT Training.

My focus is on providing education, guidance and mentoring for primarily women in the holistic healing arts. This includes naturally facilitating healing of the body using foods as medicines and healing the emotions through a consultative and coaching process designed to get to the root cause and elevate the spirit. My gift is in uncovering the emotional component underneath most physical conditions.

As a Holistic Health Consultant, I will show you how to get your health to the top of your to-do list. I specialize in achieving Digestive Disorders Relief, Emotional Balance, Inflammation Reduction & Immune System Strengthening. My former focus was on Emotional Eating Recovery because people use food to soothe their emotions.

I’m an Author and a Speaker, and I lead workshops and online video presentations, as well as offer coaching programs and consultative services that educate, uplift, and teach people how to heal holistically.


“Nicole, you have inspired me to want to learn again. You have shown me just how much there is to this mind, body, soul combination. You are patient, encouraging, kind and nonjudgmental – everything one should want in a Health Consultant. I am indeed glad to have partnered with you.”

Dale West, Largo, Florida

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“I wanted to give my appreciation to Nicole for her help in solving a physical condition, that was affecting me at work. Nicole has a positive outlook on problems that allow her to see the solution to what is wrong rather than dwelling on the problem itself. Her straightforward approach to the problem allowed the issue to be identified. Her understanding made sure that I felt that I could fix the problem. Her compassion for helping me achieve success is actually quantifiable in my work. To that end she is invaluable as a Health Consultant.”

Marilyn Largo, Florida