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Feeling Uncertain is Dangerous

Feeling uncertain sucks. The ‘what ifs’ debilitate us, endless vacillation exhausts us, and worst of all . . . feeling uncertain stops us from doing things that are in our best interest As busy professional women, this is dangerous! Decisions made or a decision avoided when you’re feeling uncertain, [...]

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JuliAnn Stitick · Personal Brand Expertise at JuliAnn Stitick, Personal Brand Expert

Fabulous post Nicole! I learn something new and valuable every time I read one of your posts or talk to you!

Nicole Dennison · Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog, JuliAnn Stitick. I appreciate you!

Sue Babin · St. Joseph’s College School

Nicole you inspire me💕Live with peace and purpose “ Is going to be one of my new affirmations💗

Nicole Dennison · It does my heart good to know I inspire you, Sue Babin. I’m glad you like the affirmation. Thank you for commenting on this blog!

Maxine Statler · Licensed practical nurse at Private duty nursing

Thank you for all you do Nicole💕 As a result of our working together on my healing journey, I am living my life with more peace and purpose!

Nicole Dennison · You are so welcome, Maxine Statler. I could not hear anything better. Blessings! Thank you for your comment!

Diane De Rita · Works at Self employed

Great post Nicole! I love the acronym FLY…first love yourself. It is Only when we start to Love ourselves, do we truly fly!

Nicole Dennison · You are so right, Diane De Rita. ‘FLYing’ is beautiful. Thank you for your comment.

Tom & Jenny’s Candy

We love this list! What practical advice, especially the point about getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can exacerbate cravings for sugary and fatty foods!

Nicole Dennison – I was very pleased to feature your candy as a healthy alternative. Thank you for your comment, Tom and Jenny.

“I would highly recommend Nicole as your personal Health Consultant for several reasons. The most important reason is she genuinely cares about your well-being. Nicole wants nothing more than for you to live a pain-free, disease free, healthy lifestyle. She knows what it takes because she has lived it, and to me, the best lesson learned is through experience.

Nicole has researched a lot and is very knowledgeable about many conditions and healthy eating habits. She makes herself accessible via email, phone or text for any questions or concerns you may have during your time with her. I guess the final thing I can say is Nicole meets you where you are and helps you to make good healthy choices.”

Dawn Treasure Island, Florida