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Emotional Empowerment Plan: Customized Balanced Nourishment, Supplement and Habits Guide

Life, to-do lists, career and family require you to be emotionally balanced, and when you’re not, stress takes it toll and creates havoc. You are less of the woman you want to be for them, and your career may not progress as well as you want it. Emotional balance is key, yet it may be as simple as having your minerals, hormones or chemicals causing your emotional imbalance.

You may not have a weakness, or a term from the DSM-V. In fact, your physiological imbalance may be corrected without drugs. Staying out of control emotionally can lead to a variety of issues such as…

  • Drug Dependency
  • Drug interactions and side-effects that cause other issues
  • Regret when you look back on your behavior
  • Deep sadness when you come to grips with your inability to handle things better

Most doctors will treat the presenting symptom. I will help you discover the underlying cause. When you address the underlying cause, you stop having the symptoms and avoid the pharmaceutical trap.

Each person is different so a customized EMOTIONAL EMPOWERMENT PLAN is good for you if you…

  • Carry around a blanket of sadness, heaviness, or Depression.
  • Doubt yourself, and feel like anxiety keeps you from doing what you want to do, or from being who you want to be.
  • Have emotional ups and downs, but rarely feel balanced.

In your customized EMOTIONAL EMPOWERMENT PLAN, you will receive a blueprint for better feeling behavior that shows you how to balance your…

  • Nutrition – What foods to eat that will energize you during the day, what types of foods to keep you balanced, what foods to avoid, and what foods have the ability to regulate your thought and emotions center.
  • Supplements – Your lack of vitality is governed in part by a mineral, chemical and hormonal imbalance. Certain supplements will adjust your imbalance and lift you into vitality.
  • Pattern Adjustments – Behavior cycles in patterns. We will discover yours and I will show you how to interrupt and change your undesired patterns into patterns that transform your life experience.

You will find your whole life shifting as a result of this Emotional Empowerment Plan. You may find you will no longer need to be categorized by other people.

When your emotions come into alignment with your desires for your life experience, you become the designer of your future. You become empowered. You are vibrant. You sparkle.

“I can hardly believe how the techniques Nicole taught me help me to feel so much better emotionally. I feel like I have a new life now. I would definitely recommend to anyone talking to Nicole if they want to stop feeling so anxious and sad.”

Rebecca Taylor, Tampa, Florida


  • Three Full Months of one-on-one intensive support.
  • Our first conversation is a thorough assessment so I can learn about you, your health, your habits and your desires for good health.
  • Our second conversation is where I will deliver your comprehensive Emotional Empowerment Plan designed personally for you.
  • We will schedule touch base conversations every other week for three months to help you navigate your way into feeling better.
  • You will have personal text support in between conversations to help you navigate the daily challenges that occur through personal change.
  • Your written Emotional Empowerment Plan includes Resources, Research, Recommendations, and an expanded learning section in the back to support the material presented.

“Thank you so much for talking with me last night. It really means a lot to me to have someone care so deeply as you do and to take time out of your evening to take care of me. Your advice has helped me immensely.”

Nicole Franchek Pinellas Park, Florida