Emotions and Food: Who or What is in Control?

Emotions and Food: Who or What is in Control?

When it comes to emotions and food, either you control your emotions with the right food, or your emotions will control you into eating the wrong food.

Which will you choose?

2 Worst Foods to Eat

  1. Sugar

Anything that lists sugar as an ingredient will cause emotional swings. That’s because when you eat sugar, your pancreas becomes overworked and then unregulated insulin floods through your body causing sugar highs and lows.

During the highs, you could experience happiness, anger, relief from stress, or extreme irritability or impatience.

After the highs, uncontrollable cravings keep the emotional instability going and you are trapped.

  1. White Flour

Anything with white flour in it is detrimental to your health because white flour is difficult to digest and moves sluggishly through the colon. Tiredness is what’s causing you to resort to unhealthy alternatives to get through the day.

Since most white flour products also contain sugar, you get a combined adverse effect.

Are You an Emotional Eater?

Emotional eating is a common trap for women.

Many clients come to me because they can’t seem to stick to a diet. They start out, eager and hopeful. Then “life happens” and they lose control and eat.

Typically, emotional eating occurs when you’re feeling trapped and powerless. Instead of choosing healthy foods to stabilize your emotions, you choose unhealthy food to self-soothe.

In other words, the right food can be the stabilizer instead of the pacifier when a woman steps into her emotional empowerment.

Worst Thing You Can Do

Skip meals

Do you know how many women tell me that their breakfast consists only of coffee? Or, that they skip meals because they’re too busy?

Don’t do that!

Your body is designed to have a steady supply of nutrition. Without it, your brain will not function properly, and you won’t have control over your emotions.

Negative Behavior Patterns

Another thing to be aware of is the cycles that occur when negative behavior patterns exist.

Negative behavior that is repeated quickly turns into an unhealthy pattern. When you’re locked in this cycle, you feel trapped. And feeling trapped in these cycles is damaging to your psyche.

One of the things I do is teach clients about the relationship between emotions and food. I show them how to use the power of food for their well-being and I warn them of the destruction that food can cause.

Let’s learn to use food to your advantage.

The One Thing You Can Do to Put You Back in Control

Eat protein

One night, a distraught client called me sobbing. She was crying so hard she couldn’t tell me what was wrong. After I listened for a while, empathizing with her and validating her experience, I told her to eat some peanut butter, drink some milk, and call me back in 15 minutes.

When she called back, she asked, “I’m alright now. Why?”

Protein stabilities blood sugar and will have a balancing effect on your emotions. The simple act of eating peanut butter and drinking milk allowed my client to get control of her emotions.

If you’re wondering who’s in control, you or your emotions, reducing or eliminating sugar and white flour will help you feel more in control. Eat protein to balance your emotions, and healthy meals to nourish your body.

When you understand the cycle of emotions and food, you won’t have to wonder who’s in control. You can learn to be in control of both.

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