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Nutrition Plan: Customized Balanced Nourishment, Supplement and Habits Guide

Life, to-do lists, career, and family take up all your time and leave you exhausted. The idea of researching what foods and drinks would help you to feel energized, and then figuring out how to meal plan never makes it to the priority list. So, let me do it for you.

Improper eating and drinking lead to a variety of issues such as…

  • Weight gain and a seeming inability to lose weight
  • Digestive problems like IBS/IBD, Diverticulitis, colitis, or Heartburn, Acid Reflux or other digestive disorders.
  • Sugar, caffeine and carb addictions
  • Lifestyle illnesses, Auto-Immune Conditions, and wide-spread Inflammation

Most doctors will treat the presenting symptom. I will help you discover the underlying cause. When you address the underlying cause, you stop having the symptoms and avoid the pharmaceutical trap.

Each person is different so a customized NUTRITION PLAN is good for you if you…

  • Suffer from IBS/IBD, Diverticulitis, colitis, or other digestive disorder.
  • Suffer with illnesses that can be helped, healed or put into remission if you knew how to combine the right foods, drinks and supplements.
  • Want your food to energize and heal you, but you don’t know how, or you don’t have time to learn.
  • Want to feel vibrant by eating healthy and taking the right supplements for you, but you are seeing that your current plan doesn’t gives you what you need.
  • Are interested in learning what natural and holistic healing can do for you.

In your customized NUTRITION PLAN, you will receive a step-by-step solution list that covers what you need in terms of…

  • Nutrition – What foods to eat that will energize you during the day, what types of foods to keep you balanced, what foods to avoid, and what foods help your body heal.
  • Supplements – Your lack of vitality is governed in part by a mineral, chemical and hormonal imbalance. Certain supplements will adjust your imbalance and lift you into vitality.
  • Shopping Lists – It’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting something new, so this plan provides categorized shopping lists to make it easier for you.
  • Habits – Do you set good intentions only to look back and see they didn’t happen? Self-sabotage reins in the lives of busy women, yet your health depends on developing healthy habits. I will show you how to do this.

You will find your whole life shifting as a result of this Nutrition Plan. Your health conditions will ease, your body will get back into balance, your thinking will become clearer, and your energy levels will allow you to do more, be more, and become who and what you want.

“Thank you for your assistance and valuable input regarding my overall health and nutrition. I enjoyed our sessions and am pleased with the results of implementing your health supplement recommendations. You are very dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to this field.”

Stephanie Andreson, Atlanta, Georgia

Your NUTRITION PLAN includes:

  • Two Full Months of one-on-one intensive support.
  • Our first conversation is a thorough assessment so I can learn about you, your health, your habits and your desires for good health.
  • Our second conversation is where I will deliver your comprehensive Nutrition Plan designed personally for you.
  • We will schedule touch base conversations every other week for two months to help you navigate your way into feeling better.
  • You will have personal text support in between conversations to help you navigate the daily challenges that occur through personal change.
  • Your written Nutrition Plan includes Resources, Research, Recommendations, and an expanded learning section in the back to support the material presented.

“Nicole is helping my family get healthy. She has come to my house to speak to us as a group, and it’s nice to have everyone on board and excited about learning how to feel better. I have consulted Doctors for a chronic health condition, and the only solution was antibiotics. She has shared her knowledge about nutrition and how what we eat and how we eat it effects our health. Having that knowledge is allowing us to choose. I have referred several people and she treats each one with care and shares her passion.”

Teresa St. Petersburg, Florida