Negative Self-Talk: Your Nagging Inner Critic

Negative self-talk comes from the inner critic. We all have one.

You know, that voice inside your head that:

  • Judges how you look.
  • Doubts your abilities.
  • Belittles your attempts.
  • Stifles your growth.
  • Keeps you locked inside a living hell.

Your nagging inner critic says the most awful things to you. Things you would never dream of saying to anyone else!

Your Nagging Inner Critic

Have you noticed how your inner critic nags at you?




I call that nag-a-tive self-talk.

Nag-a-tive self-talk will eventually seep down into your body and make you ill.

How to Turn Nag-a-tive Self-Talk into Positive Self-Talk

Starting right now, I want you to claim this moment, as the time you silence your nagging inner critic.

Right now, I want you to adopt a more loving approach to yourself.

I’ve developed a three-step process that will help you turn your nag-a-tive self-talk into the type of self-talk that will ease your emotional pain, strengthen your inner confidence, and carry you forward in life in successful and fulfilling ways.

The three-step process is in a short video presentation. And it’s free to receive it. Enter your information below and you will receive it immediately upon signing up!

4 Common Types of Negative Self-Talk

See if you recognize your inner critic’s modus operandi.


This is when your inner critic magnifies the negative aspects of a situation and filters out the positive. You never get it right. You’ll always get it wrong.            


This is your inner critic’s trap of directing blame at yourself whenever something bad happens. Now you’ve made a mess of things. Look how upset you made him.                                                                                                                                       


This is your inner critic’s game of assuming and forecasting the worst possible scenarios. What if this happens? What if that happens?


This is your inner critic reducing everything down to black or white thinking. Perfect or failure. Good or bad. Right or wrong. All in or all out.

It doesn’t matter which type of negative self-talk you hear your inner critic saying, all nag-a-tive self-talk sets you up for a lifetime of failures.

You have to get a grip on this!

Words create how you feel about yourself, and the most damaging are the negative ones.

Watch the video presentation. It will help you make sense of what’s going on, give you hope for the future, and peace of mind.

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