How You Talk to Yourself Affects Your Health

How you talk to yourself affects your health in big and small ways.

Consider this: Self-talk generates conditions in your body. What does that even mean?

Chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and especially gut related issues are a result of negative self-talk. Conversely, vibrant health, clear thinking, and calmness are results of positive self-talk.

And if you’re like most women, you may not have considered how much self-talk affects your health.

Which condition of the body do you want: Vibrant health or failing health?

Three Steps to Attaining Vibrant Health

Step #1 – Fix Your Thinking

As a motivational author, Louise Hay was fond of saying:

Although Louise Hay is right about what to focus on — our thinking — there’s more to it than that.

If fixing your thinking is the goal, then caring for your brain is the beginning. Mastering your thoughts and bringing your health back to life starts with caring for your brain.

Step #2 – Care for Your Brain

Think of your brain as a generator. A generator that takes the nourishment it receives from what you eat and converts it into thoughts and actions.

If you don’t give a generator the right mix of gas and oil, it fails to operate.

The same is true of your brain. It needs the right mix of nutrients, oxygen, and sleep to be healthy. Therefore, it’s critical that you nourish it properly. When you do, you are fueling yourself with what you need to fix your thinking and change your life.

That’s why you’ll hear Dr. Oz talk about how poor sleep habits, a sugar-laden diet, and inconsistent exercise gets in the way of proper brain function. Your brain cannot convert crap into sensational. Crap in. Crap out. That’s what sets-up habitual negative self-talk.

Step #3 – End Negative Self-Talk

Once you’re eating healthfully, sleeping restfully, and exercising regularly, you’re ready to end the negative self-talk that’s been tethering you to a life of emotional and physical pain.

Now, it’s time to silence the inner critic and bring your health back to life.

Are you ready?

In your quest for relief from the negative self-talk that has bound you to perpetual cycles of emotional and physical pain, I’m going to teach you how to silence your inner critic and change your negative self-talk into positive, uplifting self-talk.

Head over to my blog and read: Negative Self-Talk: Your Nagging Inner Critic. In it, you’ll meet the inner critic and discover the four most common ways it sabotages your forward momentum.

At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to watch a free video presentation where I’ll share with you how you can retrain your brain through nutrition and thought mastery techniques. Then you’ll know how to talk to yourself so you can create the results you want to experience in your life.

But, Why Is This Necessary?

Today’s traditional paths of seeking out treatment for physical pain from a medical doctor and emotional distress from a mental health professional are flawed.

In medical school, doctors are taught to treat pain by diagnostic testing, prescription medication, and surgery. They aren’t trained to discuss with you how your thoughts are contributing to your illness. Neither are they qualified to offer guidance for healing through nutrition.

Although mental health professionals will listen to your problems, they also don’t have the training or education to discuss how your nutrition is responsible for many of those problems that caused you to seek out help initially.

And yet, how you talk to yourself affects your health. And if no one addresses this, you’ll remain in the medical or counseling loop forever seeking solutions from professionals who don’t have the answers.

Isn’t it time?

Time to stop the negative self-talk that lowers your motivation to take healthy action steps and perpetuates cycles of emotional and physical pain?

Don’t you want to feel good physically and be healthy emotionally?

Wouldn’t it feel fantastic to live the life you’ve always wanted to live — emotionally free and your health conditions have passed?

To live a vibrant life, you must learn how to care for your brain so you can control your thoughts by ending negative self-talk for good!

As Wayne Dyer says, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.”

Read Negative Self-Talk: Your Nagging Inner Critic, watch the free video presentation, and then give me a call. At the very least, I can help you find immediate relief!


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