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How Much is Your Health Worth to You?

You really have two choices…

  1. Invest in your health or
  2. Invest in your illness

If you won’t invest in your health, in your well-being, where does that leave you?

Tired. Exhausted. Worried.

Body hurts.

Fear that this “thing” will get worse.

And what results are you getting from your medical care now?

Is fear pushing you to Google and Facebook Groups for answers?

There’s a more educated and safe way to find answers.

The Virtual Vitality Program!

Click the video for a short introduction

So how does it all work?

Each week you will simply click on a link and join the session from your home computer or from anywhere on your mobile device.

If you miss a week, no worries. All sessions are recorded and you can request the recording.

The program is conducted virtually using a video chat program called Zoom.

The Virtual Vitality group program is a 6-week program where you’ll receive:

  • (1) 60-minute video chat session per week
  • A program guide via email each week that includes your weekly lesson plan
  • A lesson plan with about 3-5 question of pre-work (which should take approximately 30 minutes to complete)
  • A Facebook community where you can ask questions, share your experiences and received support from me and the other amazing ladies who have joined

Your time commitment per week = Approximately 90 minutes.

The Virtual Vitality group program is for you…

If you’re not satisfied with conventional medical “solutions” that don’t help in the long run.

You know there must be a better way, and you have been wishing for someone to enlighten you on what you can do differently.

Well, your wish has been granted…

During this 6-week program, you’ll learn how to heal your body with natural remedies (much like the ones your great-grandmother used to use!).

And you will learn how to treat your whole person for optimal healing – Body, Mind, and Spirit.

How can you say anything but, “YES!” to this program and to yourself?

This 6-week program is affordably priced with tons of value. You will exit this program with clarity about ways to heal health conditions so that you can live a more vibrant life.

Week #1 – Designing Your Future is about setting the intentions for your health journey and saying goodbye to illness

Week #2 – Loving Care for the Body is about learning holistic solutions to common physical conditions and how emotions affect illness

Week #3 – Thinking the Right Thoughts is about learning how to think thoughts that heal so you release feeling trapped in your body

Week #4 – Creating Contentment is about learning how to redefine your comfort zone (and comfort foods) to find emotional peace for your soul

Week #5 – Super-Size Success is about how to rid yourself of self-sabotaging habits and how to keep Self-Loving habits instead

Week #6 – Step into Vitality is about how to pull it all together to feel transformed, balanced, and alive with vibrancy and vitality

How much is feeling a renewed sense of vitality

worth to you?

And what kind of value could you put on meeting new friends and other health-minded women like you?

This is a chance to do something really wonderful for yourself.

The price? Just $299!!

Reserve your spot now

Next Class Starts August 29th!!

Here’s what Cheryl Brown of Concord, North Carolina had to say about the program:

Fun. Engaging. Eye-opening. Deep. Life-changing. Those are my five words for my experience in this program. I am ready to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

“I don’t know if I want to share in a group setting.”

I understand your concerns. The dynamic of the groups has always been welcoming, accepting and comforting. The women all bond together as new friends. However, rest assured that you will not be put on the spot. Your participation need only be at the level you feel comfortable.

“I am so busy. I am not sure how I can fit this in.” 

Do you think that your health condition will improve by itself? Or just by plowing through your days or ignoring it? Commit to this 90 minutes per week for only 6 weeks and you will give yourself the gift of self-care that will shift the relationship you have with yourself forever. Don’t you owe it to yourself to do this?

After you enroll and pay from debit or credit card or through Paypal, you will be directed to schedule your 15-minute personal chat to ask questions about the program. If you are unsatisfied for any reason after our conversation, you will receive an immediate 100% refund.

Enroll Now. claim your spot.

You will be one of only eight women.

“I really like these live classes! The dynamic of the group helped me to see how others implement these ideas and what works for them.”

Terra Donahue, Seattle, Washington

What QUESTION did this page NOT answer for you?

I’m sure you have them, and I want to answer them.

Two choices again…

  1. Email your question to
  2. Schedule a personal, no obligation, conversation with me at

Don’t close this page and say, “no,” until you’ve given yourself this chance to have your question answered.

You’re a strong woman.

You take an active role in your healthcare.

And wouldn’t you love to learn a natural way to heal your pain and discomfort outside of the pharmaceutical trap that only covers up symptoms and causes unwanted side-effects?

There is a way.

I know you often suffer in silence so that others will see you as strong.

And I also know that some days can be difficult as you try to manage your physical symptoms and the emotional toll that it takes.

While you’d love to be a part of a new and alternative-based healing movement, you’re curious if alternative methods can really alleviate your pain and discomfort.


Well, it can.

I know this because I’ve experienced what you’re currently going through, and I found a way out.

Now I want to show you how you can alleviate your daily discomfort through Holistic Healing methods.

Say “YES!” and give yourself this gift!

Vitality and the pathway to health lie ahead.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Just $299

For an entire 6-week class.

I’m Saying “YES!” Click here to register.

Directly after paying and enrolling you will be given the chance to schedule a 15-minute touch base conversation with Nicole for program information and to answer any questions.