Your Vibrant Life Private Consulting

A Private Health Consultation and Support Program for Women

You need a health care advocate in your corner. Your medical doctor’s role is not to spend time educating you on your health condition or on how to ease it, but that is my role for you. I am the knowledge source you need that will guide you, and teach you about how to bring your physical health and your emotional wellbeing back to life.

Businesses hire consultants all the time, and you may hire experts to help you. So, why hire a Health Consultant? And why hire me?

  • I have the right expertise. I have been an avid learner of holistic healing for nearly ten years and used it to heal myself. I hold dual certifications in Health and Life Coaching.
  • I know how to identify problems. I won’t just look at the symptom you present. I will ask questions to get to the root cause, and we will have all the puzzle pieces together before we start solving.
  • I am a catalyst for change. Good health is built upon action steps and habits that sometimes proves difficult to implement. I will guide and inspire your new thoughts that move you into vibrancy.
  • I am your teacher. You will learn how to take an active role in your healthcare instead of being given a prescription or talked into endless medical testing.
  • I am your advisor. Sometimes medical testing and prescriptions are necessary. I can help you discern the need and even act as an addition to your medical and healthcare team.
  • I am your inspiration. We do best when we have a role model to show us what is possible. I live my talk. I will role model good healthy habits, healthy eating, good sleep, and vitality for you so you can be inspired to elevate to vibrancy yourself.

Most people have multiple health concerns, and they run between several specialists and often consider counseling, as well. But, it’s all so much. You are not being treated as the whole individual that you are, and you are receiving disjointed care from varying sources.

Your Vibrant Life Private Consulting is good for you if…

  • You know your health is imperative to your career, lifestyle or life goals, but you haven’t found time to put your health at the top of your to-do list because of the complexities. I will help you simplify this vital step for you.
  • You believe there has to be a better way to heal yourself but have not found the one inclusive source to help you.
  • You have multiple health issues affecting you physically and/or emotionally and the puzzle pieces feel overwhelming. There really is an answer.

“This program helped me to completely change my life! My confidence, self-esteem, and self-love were at an all-time low! Every session was filled with big “Ah-Ha” moments! The information I received was priceless!! The sessions never ended without Nicole making sure I was in a good place and ready to tackle my new weekly goals! My spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies are more aligned than ever before! I’m so much closer to a ME I want to be and the future is looking brighter than ever! Thank you, Nicole!!!”

Sara Call, Farmington, UT

Imagine your life when your health conditions ease, and you want to enjoy the day again. Imagine waking up and feeling excited about the day in less or no pain and the feeling of being energized. Imagine days off of work for enjoyment, in place of sick time. Imagine feeling more fulfilled with your family life. Imagine your success in your career or business because you’ve been more physically and emotionally capable. It’s important to imagine. Your imagination creates the roadway that we will travel together.

The Your Vibrant Life Private Consulting is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

  • You may consult with me for higher-level attention when a Sleep, Nutrition, or Emotions Plan is purchased.
  • You have a unique blend of health conditions that do not fit squarely into being solved with just a Sleep, Nutrition, or Emotions Plan or
  • You only have one health concern that you want holistic healing solutions to solve.
  • You may want a personal growth continuity process in your life.

The Your Vibrant Life Private Consulting is packaged as either a monthly plan that includes 3 sessions per month or as a 3-session package that has no time expiration.

  • For example, the plan may be for 3-sessions per month or
  • May be for 3-sessions that are spread out over several months depending on need.

The Your Vibrant Life Private Consulting includes

  • 3 private 60-90-minute sessions either by phone or virtual video chat.
  • Detailed notes, references, a customized health plan, and expanded information for personal research within 48 hours of the session.
  • Specific hand-outs, journals, and support material, as needed.
  • Extremely valuable with this plan is the full text and email support while within the plan.
    • You have email support for general questions and guidance 5 days a week.
    • But, you have personalized text support for questions, guidance, and sudden concerns seven days a week 8am – 8pm Eastern.
    • If the situation warrants, this plan includes impromptu conversations via phone at no extra charge for urgent situations.
    • This is not available with the individual plan.
  • On-Going email support
    • Questions come up. Life happens. Situations change. You will always have email support well after your consulting package ends.

“The level of support that Nicole provides is like a lifeline. I have texted her in restaurants trying to decide what to eat that won’t hurt me, I have asked questions while in the grocery store, and she has been so helpful when I’ve had my down times in between sessions. I really appreciate her.”



Many people experience a great relief within three sessions, depending on their reason for consulting. Other situations require a renewal on the 3-session session plan.

The Your Vibrant Life Private Consulting is completely customized for your individual needs and includes any or all of these in order to fully bring your health back life:

  • Emotional guidance and support
  • Nutritional guidance and support
  • Nutritional Supplement education
  • Healthy Habits guidance and support

I am well versed on so many health conditions, but I will tell you if I am not as familiar with your health condition at the time of our initial conversation. However, I am an expert with these health conditions:

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Depression
  • Wide-Spread Inflammation affecting so many conditions
  • Immune System issues including many Auto-Immune conditions

Mainly, I want to inspire, guide and help you to get your health up on your to-do list, and to finally implement processes in your life to turn up the dial on your life experience.

Life is great living healthy. It sparkles. It shines. And so can you, my dear.


“Thank you so much for talking with me last night. It really means a lot to me to have someone care so deeply as you do and to take time out of your evening to take care of me. Your advice has helped me immensely.”

Nicole Franchek