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I want to help you bring your health back to life.

It’s simple, really…

We will work one-on-one virtually so there are no barriers to our time together. I’ll customize a plan just for you…based on YOU.

We’ll cover your food, your nutrition, your sleep habits, hormones, exercise, emotions and we’ll create a plan that addresses exactly what you need to get your health back to where you want it to be.

Isn’t it time to put your self-care and health care on the top of your to-do list?

Are you frustrated with your health?

Have you been running from one doctor to another only to get worse and at the very least stay the same?

Are you tired of getting nowhere with your health?

Have you lost faith that someone can help you regain your life, feel more energy and feel healthy?

I know exactly how you feel.

Every day, I work with women who are fed up, feeling hopeless and broken and desperate for answers.  I’m passionate about helping you find the root cause of what is making you unwell and helping you create a plan to heal it.  There are no magic pills, potions or lotions. But there are sound solutions based on science and nature that can help you regain your health.

Connect with me now and schedule your free, complimentary consultation. I want to help give you your health back.  I want to help you create your vibrant life. I know I can help.



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Food is fuel…food is life…food is your nutrition.
Food can be a problem but it is also the solution.

Your nutrition plan is something we cover to help uncover how food interacts with your specific chemistry.  We will uncover the foods that your body needs to provide health, vitality, energy, and so much more.

When you align your nutrition with your body’s needs, you can begin to heal and regain your health.

If you are ready to take back your health, let me help you. I will guide you through knowing exactly what nutrition your body needs to become vibrant and healthy.


How you FEEL is often how you live.

When you can balance your emotions, you can begin to empower your life.  Emotional pain or discomfort is an indicator that something needs to change. To get beyond the pain to the joy, we must understand how our emotions can affect the body.

Your emotions, unresolved, turn into physical manifestations that can steal your life, your joy, your vitality.

I want to help you uncover the fears and hurts that cause stress and pain in your body. When you learn how to identify your emotional imbalances, you can begin to change your health. You can have a vibrant life.


Your sleep or lack thereof may be the root cause of many of your health challenges.

Do you feel rested after you sleep?

Many people do not. I can help. I will help you balance your sleep rhythms so you create a healthy sleep pattern that can allow your body to heal, refresh and repair.

Sleep allows your body to detoxify. If you do not sleep well, you may not be detoxifying effectively causing fatigue, discomfort, foggy brain. Over time this imbalance contributes to immune issues, digestive issues, pain, and discomfort.  Together we can create a healthy sleep plan that will get you back on track.

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“Nicole, consulting with you has changed my thinking patterns to lead a more positive life. I have improved my physical health through self-care and holistic remedies (sleep, nutrition, etc.) which has positively impacted my relationships with others! I am so happy that I have improved my mental and physical health without life-long prescriptions. You have exposed me to new ideas I may not have otherwise considered (outside resources, nutrition, etc.). I enjoy our regular check-ins that help me stay focused and circle back to my priorities. Making this investment in my health has had both direct and indirect benefits. Consulting allows me to stay in a growth mindset that leaves me open to other opportunities. I have since considered other avenues for growth that I may not have been open to in the past. This includes an openness to establishing new relationships, finding my purpose in life, and seeking spiritual connections.”

Brit Hart, Riverview, Florida


Vibrant Life with Nicole Dennison

In the Your Vibrant Life One-On-One Program, we will get to the root cause of your health challenges and together we will make a plan to help you regain your health.

EVERY program is unique because you are unique.

After we discover your core health issues, we may address additional concerns like nutrition, emotions or sleep issues.

I want you to know this…I’m here to help and I can guide you to the right solutions for your health.

You don’t have to struggle any longer. Let me support you in creating YOUR VIBRANT LIFE.